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The population of town Pļaviņas is 3435 people.
65,1 % Latvians, 23,6 % Russians. 4,4% Byelorussians, 2,7 % Poles.
Geographical Location and Characteristics:
Pļaviņas is situated in the center of Latvia 112 km (railway) from Capital City of Latvia - Riga. It is located on the biggest river of Latvia – Daugava in the favorable landscape zone.
The Daugava streamed through the hollow which is formed in the dolomites and reached 15 m fathom. The average temperature in January -6,2 C, in July +21,1C. The town is surrounded by forests and hills.
Historical background:
The statute of town Pļaviņas has since 1927. The present day’s vicinity of Pļaviņas has been inhabited already about the 13th century. After collapsing Livonia in 1561the Swedes renew the fight for the Baltic Sea and occupied Riga, the war camp of Swedes lied at confluence of the Daugava by Pļaviņas. This fortification is still remained.
Principal Economic Activities:
Pļaviņas has been developing leaching of dolomite, gravel screening, furniture making, nursery, crafts and bakery products. SIA “DAIĻRADE KOKS” produces the wood- furniture of small sizes and household accessories; SIA “IBWORAWEAR” sews the work-clothing. For tourists are offered a Viking ship travelling along the river Daugava. In town and its surroundings are a number of architectural monuments such as the rock Russian Tsar Peter I, GOSTIŅI church, etc. Pļaviņas town is enabling to develop tourism.
Educational Facilities:
The sphere of education is represented by 3 schools and 1 out-of-school establishment.
Leisure Activities:
There are musical and art schools, as well as Building of Children’s and Youth Creativity, cultural center “Ideja”, Center of tourism and study of local lore. Nearby Pļaviņas is located skiing mountain track “JAUJAS”, base for biathlon “JANKUTRASE”, complex of leisure time by lake “MEŽEZERS”.
Cultural activities:
There are amateur collectives with traditions of ancient. Choir “Loreleja” (see photo), youth dance ensemble “Daugaviņa”, mediealt dance collective “Vidupe”, vocal ensembles “Dzirnas”, “Zīle”, children vocal group, senior ensemble “Atvasara”, groups of applied arts – weaving, knitting, crocheting. We have amateur theatre group “Aina”.
Fields of cooperation:
We would like to cooperate and exchange experience in the following areas: education, culture, modern municipal management techniques, public relations with the territorial communities.
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